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When you start something in a belief that you will collaborate with people/brands/agencies to help them reach/grow their online audience/presence.

Enters paradigmplus.in

Was associated with them for last 3 years.They do manage to rope in some great clients.Have good folks as team members but the management is very ignorant in terms of keeping the clients and vendors happy and i am one of them.

A simple project started off in 2016 was delivered before time and its been 2 years haven't still received my payment.Have tried all means even did some free work but no one cares.

Do you really want to associate with someone who does not care what happens to your business or do not pay people who put in their hard work.if you have a project and want to discuss do send in the details and i can promise the quality and professionalism will be 100x without a hefty retainer.

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Have serviced a lot of big brands to reach/grow their online audience/presence.